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Startup Funding: Enfield’s Apocalypse Put On Hold

It’s been a bit since we made a post, and there’s a reason for it.

For Enfield’s Apocalypse game, we had to reach a certain financial goal by the end of February, and sadly, we did not reach it. The game is a large project that would take a few years to complete, and we just ran out of funding. So, Enfield’s Apocalypse has been put on production hold, indefinitely.

That being said, we aren’t going to stop making games, but we are going to focus on some smaller projects. We have taken the past month to figure out where we stand and what we could develop during our after-work hours. So, we don’t have anything ready to announce yet, but will definitely be updating the site with our smaller game projects for you to play.

Hope you aren’t too disappointed in us, but we had to make that decision. We will keep you updated!

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