Eimear Studios New Years 2021

New Year, Escape from 2020

2020 Has been a crazy year, for everyone. And we were crazy enough to launch our game studio this year. Eimear Studios has gained some wonderful friends in Tennessee, and throughout the country during our startup phase. And, while the startup phase is still in the works, we are almost finished with our first demo of Enfield’s Apocalypse.

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Founding Eimear Studios

In early 2020, Kendra Corpier moved to Tennessee after an adventure with her co-founder, Todd Hasson. The two settled down in their RV in Walland, TN and while Todd had his business to work with, Kendra needed to find some work. Kendra, with a large background in technology and game development, got to looking at the normal job routes, like LinkedIn. She soon learned, that there was no industry for her skills in Tennessee.

Kendra reached out to the game development groups in Memphis, Knoxville, and Nashville, but the members all stated that they mostly make games as a hobby during their free time. Well, Kendra can’t make a living off of a part-time hobby, so she got to researching.

Looking for Technology Entertainment Career in TN

Kendra connected with the Tennessee Entertainment Commission, a part of Tennessee’s Economic Department. She found that while Tennessee has movies, music, and television, they did not have any game development. After even more research, Kendra learned that Tennesse has one of the top-rated fiber-wire for internet access in the country which is a must-have in the game industry.

Kendra Corpier December 2020
Kendra Corpier, CEO of Eimear Studios December 31, 2020

Kendra thought to herself, “This is crazy. Tennessee is in the center of the eastern United States and has the perfect infrastructure for the video game industry for game development, expos, and esports. Video games are a huge money-making market; why hasn’t Tennessee taken advantage of this?

Tennessee’s Game Development Industry

After Kendra started connecting with Tennessee’s entrepreneurship programs like LaunchTN and Knoxville Entrepreneur Center, she learned that Tennessee never got involved because they never had anyone involved within the video game industry available to help them build it. Lucky for Tennessee, this is not the first time Kendra has helped build a game industry for a state.

Ohio’s Game Development Industry

Many years ago, Kendra moved back to her hometown of Youngstown, OH to be closer to her family after her father unexpectedly passed away. The area was economically deprived due to job loss from the steel mills and car plants shutting down. Kendra wanted to help her hometown, so she founded the Youngstown Game Developers. She discovered that not only was there an interest in game development, but many of the tech talented people in the area also couldn’t afford to leave for both personal and financial reasons.

Long story short, Kendra worked with groups and leaders from all over Ohio to help create an industry. She taught game development at K-12 schools and college programs, helped Youngstown State University create its Minor programs for game development, and hosted several expos and events for the video game industry. The results were amazing for Ohio’s growth with many independent studios being created throughout Ohio due to the help of her and her partners.

Kendra also worked on a research project with YSU. The title is “Eye Tracking to Evaluate Comprehension of Computational Thinking”. The project was about how kids learn computational thinking programs, which is a large part of STEM education. The research was published in 2019. Check out her published work!

Check out Kendra’s LinkedIn profile for all of the amazing work in the video game industry and education she has done!

Back to Tennessee

In June 2020, Kendra founded her studio, Eimear Studios, and got started on the business plan and game document. Kendra networked with the Knox Devs and Knoxville Game Devs and found James Butler, an extremely talented Unity programmer. Kendra also joined a few virtual pitch presentations to get the word out about her studio, was featured on the Teknovation news blog and the Startup Knox podcast, and is working with the University of Tennessee and the University of Tennessee Research Park for their future in the game industry.

Unity is a game developer SDK that is a large part of developing video games and other multimedia, within the industry. Check out more about it!

Eimear Studios’ Life Goals

Kendra’s goal for this studio isn’t just to make games; our business plans structured to be a scalable business. Through Eimear Studios, Kendra wants to develop partnerships and grow Tennessee’s video game industry. This will create economic growth for the state, and job opportunities for Tennesseeans. Now, growth doesn’t happen overnight, and this economic growth project will likely take 5 years to get in motion. But it all starts with baby steps, which means the first studio and the first game.

Right now, Eimear Studios is developing its first game in Tennessee. The game’s title is Enfield’s Apocalypse and will release in Spring/Summer of 2023. Currently, the first demo is close to completion, and NDA’s with Microsoft Xbox are signed. With the expected profit return of this game, Kendra plans to start the game economy and job growth in the Knoxville area in late 2023.

Eimear Studios is also working with the University of Tennessee and their Research Center to create educational programs and opportunities for the students to use and grow their skills. Through these efforts, students will graduate college and have a job ready for them right here in Tennessee!

Game Development; It’s Just Games, Right?

Wrong. All of you have heard of Candy Crush, Xbox, Super Mario Bros, Nintendo, Playstation, and many others from the Entertainment sectors of the game industry. What you may not know is that game development also has a large part in the medical and educational industries. In fact, medical research and development is the second largest part of the video game industry, with education being a close third. With Tennessee being a top state for both education and medicine, the game development industry should feel right at home here.

And speaking of entertainment, eSports is huge. College and professional gaming competitions, broadcasting large competitions on network television, subscription streaming, team ownership, and huge tech sponsorships, are just some of the job opportunities with eSports. With just that small section of the game industry expected to be more valuable than traditional pro sports like NFL within a few years, (with this year’s COVID consumer response already showing that trend) and top-notch fiber wire being a large part of the necessary keys to that part of the industry, Tennessee is the perfect home for the video game industry.

Let’s Get This Started!

Of course, we are just in the infancy of this project and are starting with the development of a single game. As they say, start small, grow big. To make this a successful industry, we need your help. Right now, we are looking for investors to help fund this startup.

We have our business plan, marketing plan, 5-year financial forecast, and the product that is in production. If you are an investor looking to invest in a female-run game studio and make an impression on the technology world, please contact Kendra at kendra@eim-games.com. We can go over details, introductions, and more. We are very excited to meet you and partner up!

I’m Not an Investor, How Can I Help?

It’s still too soon for us to launch a crowdfunding campaign for the game. However, you can help by following us on social media.

Thanks a Bunch!

Anyways, we here at Eimear Studios thank you for reading this and are excited to have you as our fan! Cheers to 2021, and when COVID is under control, we will see you at the expos!

Questions? Contact us at info@eim-games.com.

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