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Hello World! Eimear Studios in Tennessee

Hi there from Eimear Studios!

Welcome to the Eimear Studios’ game developer blog, the digital home for our company. This is where we will post about the Eimear Studios’ game progress and new to do with Eimear Studios.

We just founded the studio in June 2020, but we are seasoned veterans of the game industry. our team has helped studios launch, developed AAA games, developed indie games, taught game development and has even done research in game education. We are looking to expand our studio in Maryville, Tennessee and to help grow Tennessee’s game development industry.

Eimear Studios’ Games

Our first official game is called Enfield’s Apocalypse and it is currently in early stage development. While we don’t quite have anything to show, we will have some artwork coming soon!

Enfield’s Apocalypse

Enfield’s Apocalypse is named after the creature in Celtic Mythology. An Enfield has a fox’s head, the talons and wings of an eagle, and the body and tail of a lion. The land where the story takes place is named after this creature and is shared by humans and animals. The Enfield creature has become upset with humans and re-emerges from the myths. She cast a curse on her land, causing the humans to start developing animal features. Your heroes, Ayden and Sandi are still human, however, Sandi’s mom has grown hooves for hands. One evening before dinner, Sandi and Ayden overhear Sandi’s mom crying about her hoof hands and not knowing how she will ever be able to make her famous soup without hands. The two heroes collude to sneak out that night to find a cure.

Your goal as the player is guiding the two characters to solve in-game puzzles, overcome level obstacles, and defeat enemies in order to confront Enfield and save their land. The game is introducing a two-character, single-player mechanic which allows the player to understand that you can’t do it alone; it takes friends to save the world.

We Love Games!

Our love for games shows within our game development. We grew up with the classic arcades and 8-bit and 16-bit consoles. Our games feature those awesome classic game qualities with a fun modern twist and beautiful artwork. We can’t wait to show you what we’ve got.

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