Enfield's Apocalypse

Enfield’s Apocalypse

2D Adventure-Platform Metroidvania

Ayden and Sandi are the best of friends, having lived next door to each other their whole lives. While their parents are having some evening tea, a great fog slides through their village, and parts of people start turning into parts of animals, including Sandi’s mom growing hooves where her hands used to be!

Help Ayden and Sandi adventure through the Land of Enfield to find out what is going on and a way to fix it. You’ll come across enemies, unknown beasts, who will help guide the heroes to save the people of Enfield. Explore mysterious forests, hot deserts, icy mountains, and more! Also, Sandi and Ayden really miss Sandi’s mom’s famous soup, so they need to change her hooves back to hands so she can make it for them! For the soup!

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