Game Development is more than just games

Game Development is More than Just Games

Eimear Studios’ fearless leader, Kendra Corpier talks with attendees of Chattanooga Co.Lab‘s Startup Week event about the game development industry. Corpier talks about career paths within the game industry, what industries outside of entertainment game development that use game design skills, diversity within the gamedev industry, and more.

Thanks to everyone who joined the live presentation! If you missed it, you can rewatch it above, and if you would like a copy of the slides, you can download the PDF here!:

Game Development is Everywhere

Game development is more than just an idea and a dude hiding in his mom’s basement making games. This new and emerging industry is growing, and growing fast. There are plenty of jobs involved with game development, from C Level to Quality Assurance, all jobs are necessary to make a game.

Join Kendra as she talks about the industry as it is, about how even during an economic depression or pandemic, the industry is still profitable, what types of jobs you can do to be involved with game development, and the number of industries that currently use game development to improve their own industries. Kendra will be available for Q and A, so join her for a fun time and learn about this amazing industry!

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