Enfield's Apocalypse

Enfield’s Apocalypse

Ayden and Sandi are the best of friends and next-door neighbors. The two twelve-year-olds go to school together, get into trouble together; they are inseparable. During their parents’ evening tea on a late summer night, an evil mist engulfed their village. Ayden and Sandi hear a shrilling scream and run downstairs to see what’s happened.

Ayden’s mom, Karen, looking at Micaela, with a panicked face asks: “What’s happened, Micaela?”

Sandi’s mom, Micaela, is sobbing through her words, looking at her hands: “I… I don’t know. My hands… they aren’t hands! I… have horse hooves where my hands used to be!”

Karen looks at Micaela’s hands, looks back to Micaela’s face, and hugs her.

Micaela, crying into Karen’s shoulders: “How am I ever going to make my famous broccoli and cheese soup for the kids?”

Ayden and Sandi, crouched down at the bottom of the stairs, look at each other. They know they need to help. The two heroes collude a plan to sneak out after Sandi and her mom go home for the night. They must figure out how to fix Sandi’s mom’s hands, after all, she makes the best soup!


You Must Help Ayden and Sandi

You, yes you! You must help Ayden and Sandi work together and navigate the corrupted land called Enfield and save Sandi’s mom’s hands! Of course, you want to help all the other villagers that now have fox tails, pig snouts for noses, talons for feet.. so many people have been affected by this apocalypse! Save the people, get your delicious soup.