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Dev Log: Enfield’s Apocalypse Demo Prep

Right now, we are getting a demo ready for Enfield’s Apocalypse. We are planning to send it over to Xbox, and depending on if they want to make a deal with us or not, we will send it to Sony and Nintendo as well. The picture is just a screenshot of our work in Unity. There are no secrets or Easter eggs in it, I promise.

The project is taking a bit longer than expected due to some unforeseen circumstances, and some circumstances we expected. We had a few deaths in our families, and COVID didn’t make things any easier.

We had built our original benchmarks and production timeline to include getting some startup funding by December. Todd and I had set aside money to allow me to work full time on this for a few months, but that money is almost up and we have not found a startup investor.

What does this mean?

Well, it just means making this game will take longer because we have to work day jobs. This game is a passion, and our team is very passionate about it. Earlier last year, most of our team members had lost our jobs, due to COVID, so we thought we’d give this a full-time shot. Full time didn’t work out.

But, that’s not unusual. Most indie developers work full-time jobs and make their games in their off time. So, we expected this time to come. Now, we will still update you on Saturdays to see how the game is coming along, but, the updates won’t be moving along quite as quickly as we wanted.

We are still going to make an effort for the game to be released in Spring/Summer 2023, as the long term timeline had some buffer room for this to happen. But, just like all of you, we need day jobs to support our projects.

Why Are We Telling You This?

Eimear Studios wants to be open. There’s no secret to game development. The mystery is the unknown. We don’t want to be quite so mysterious. We aren’t Tuxedo Mask, after all (Sailor Moon reference for those that don’t know). We will still keep certain things about the game a secret, so no spoilers or anything like that. But, we want to build trust with our fans, so you can understand why certain things happen, like delays in a demo.

Anyways, we love you guys, and stay tuned for more updates on Enfield’s Apocalypse next week! We are still going to push for an Xbox demo by the end of February, and then hopefully in March, we will have a playable demo released on itch.io.

Hugs and Kisses,


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