Ayden Enfield's Apocalypse

Ayden: Hero of Enfield’s Apocalypse

Ayden is Sandi’s best friend and next-door neighbor. The two are inseparable. We designed Ayden as our male hero for Enfield’s Apocalypse to run with Sandi in order to save their world from a weird curse that is turning people into partial animals.

Ayden is 11 years old and 63 inches tall.

His blood type is O-.

He’s logical, smart, a little stubborn, and wants everyone to be happy, especially his best friend, Sandi.

He lives with his mom and dad, and his mom is best friends with Sandi’s mom. As soon as he realizes that Sandi is upset about her mom not being able to make soup, he offers his help to make her feel better. Ayden gathers his things in his backpack, gets Sandi from her house and they leave for their adventure that night.

Ayden’s Motivation to Save Enfield?

Sandi’s mom makes the best darn soup. After the curse took over their land, her mom ended up with hooves for hands, preventing her from being able to make soup. This upset Sandi, Ayden’s best friend. He hates seeing his best friend upset, and Ayden also loves Sandi’s mom’s soup. What better motivation than food and a friend’s love?

Ayden’s Concept Creation

Anyways, check out the character concept creation below. Kendra Corpier designed Ayden using Photoshop and a Wacom tablet. She recorded the video with OBS. The concept took just over 8 hours to create. Don’t worry, though, we sped up the video so you can see it in less than 5 minutes.

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