Enfield's Apocalypse

Ayden and Sandi: Meet the Heroes of Enfield’s Apocalypse

We here at Eimear Studios are excited to introduce to you the heroes of our upcoming game, Enfield’s Apocalypse, Ayden and Sandi.

Ayden and Sandi have known each other their entire lives. They live next door to each other, and even their parents are close friends. Every night, Ayden’s mom hangs out with Sandi’s mom to drink tea and discuss the day while Ayden and Sandi hang out together.

Ayden and Sandi love to play in the mud and cause their parents headaches. The two are always playing outside together, going on imagination adventures. Like last week, the two were climbing trees in the yard, defending their ship from invading pirates. Lil’ scallywags got so muddy from rolling around in the dirt and using squirt guns to defend their ship, their mothers had to wash their clothes THREE times to get the stains out.

Eerie Mist in Little Village

Last night was the eve of the eerie mist that came through Beag Village like a thick fog. Sandi’s mom’s hands turned into hooves and plenty of other villagers grew pig noses, foxtails, raven claws for feet; it’s been utter chaos. And it’s only continuing to get worse. The villagers are trying to figure out how to adjust to and fix this issue, with little success.

Ayden and Sandi, of course, are missing. Their mothers are freaking out and worried, but with the town in such chaos, no one is able to help them. The moms found a note in Sandi’s room:

Note from Sandi

“Hi mom. Don’t worry about me and Ayden. We are going to find a way for you to get your hands back so we can have some more soup. Love you,


Ayden and Sandi on an Adventure

Land of Enfield map

As long as these two heroes stick together, they should be safe, right? Well, they need your help. Guide these heroes to figure out what’s happening in The Land of Enfield. Help them uncover the cause behind the chaos and make peace for their land. You have been chosen; help them. They’re just kids, after all. How much trouble could they get into while exploring?

You, Ayden and Sandi will travel through the Land of Enfield starting in the Forest of Járnviôr. Look for clues as to what happened,  meet new friends, solves some puzzles, and defeat the bosses to find out who, or what is behind this chaos.

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