Youngstown Game Developers August Monthly Meetup

youngstown game developers meetup

Hello everyone!

What is Youngstown Game Developers Meetup?

Hello gamers and game makers! The Youngstown Game Developers is a local a group that began in October 2014. The Youngstown Game Developers Meetup is a Meetup group that I help run to give the local (Youngstown, OH, Mahoning County, Trumbull County, Hermitage, PA and any other towns in between), game developers a place to learn and talk about all the aspects of game development. We are always looking for new members to learn, teach and discuss game development.

I’m so excited to see so many new faces and members. Our group is growing so nicely!

I have reached out to YSU, and will be reaching out to some of the other local colleges soon. The academic adviser of Creative Arts and Communication forwarded my message to the Dean and Assistant Dean of the Creative Arts and Communication building for YSU, and Assistant Professor RJ Thompson reached out to me on Friday. Thompson will be Skype chatting with us about getting his students involved, with the possibility of some of us being able to go down and speak to some of his classes.

Thompson teaches Interactive Arts, which is very similar to game design on a technical level, and many of his students are interested in game design. He also runs a local group, IxDA Youngstown, which may be nice to get involved with to team up for our convention.

We have a lot to discuss this Sunday, with the possibility of doing something with primary school students, a classic gaming night, and other various topics.

I also just bought us a domain. Within the next month or so, I will be setting up a webpage to allow more interaction, help promote all of our devs, allow for members to stay up to date if they can’t come to a meetup, sign up for things online, and whatever else we need our website for. Very exciting stuff!

Obviously, the site is not available yet. We will discuss some ideas for the site at the meetup.

The Meetup will be:
3580 Innovation Way, Hermitage, PA

And it starts at 2:00 pm.

Check out the event on our Meetup page!

I can’t wait to see you all on Sunday!

Anyways, this Youngstown Game Developers Meetup will be fun!

Can’t wait to see you all there!

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