Unity’s Release: SceneManager

unity using scenemanagement

So, Unity released the update a little over a week ago. The biggest change I’ve noticed so far, is that to load levels, you can no longer use Application.LoadLevel. So, I hope this will help someone else out:

At the top of your class script, you’ll need to load SceneManagement:

using UnityEngine.SceneManagement;

When loading a level, you’ll need to change your script to:


And, when loading the current level, you’ll need the following script:

public void ReplayLevel01()
//calls the active scene
string sceneName = SceneManager.GetActiveScene().name;

//loads the active scene
SceneManager.LoadScene(sceneName, LoadSceneMode.Single);

I hope this helps anyone out who has updated to the new Unity update. As I come across anything else, I’ll ad posts.

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