Today in Indie Game Development with Kendra: Tuesday, June 21, 2016

kendra corpier 6-21-2016

Yes, that’s a picture of me that I just took.

Today at the Day Job

So, today was a little crazy at my day job. We got our first irate, jerk customer who just yelled at my boss. The jerk said I was nice, but I still didn’t want to be anywhere near his wrath. I kind of hid as much as possible. Other than that, the work day was busy and went by real fast.

Today in Indie Game Development

I got home and checked my email to find that I was accepted to interview for a 25,000 grant, but the grant I applied for was for a different game, so the business model was made differently. So I had to politely excuse myself from it so I could prepare a business model for Save Me From Myself, and then re=apply for the grant during their next run (it’s a grant that is issued 3 or 4 times a year).

Also, I’m a little scared. I’ve never stood in front of a group of business professionals to explain how my game development business should work, especially since I have no experience with business plans or running an actual business.

Basically, I understand how a business works and how to make it happen, like marketing, SEO, contracts, etc…. but writing it all down in a complicated business plan just overwhelms me. I can write it down like it’s a game document, but they want yearly project charts and all sorts of stuff that I get nervous about projecting because the video game market is up and down.

Anyways, I’m not going to go into too many details, but for now I’m going to work on my game and figure out it’s development life span, then possibly re-enter for the grant. Honestly, it would be nice if I didn’t need a grant, but alas, I am broke.

Anywho, so I figured out why I couldn’t drag my sprites onto my scene… I accidentally launched my Unity in 3D mode.. Which I sware I pressed 2D… oh well. It’s fixed now. I’m getting the animation all set up and work on collision and camera movement.

Maybe I’ll get a rough video up soon!

Until tomorrow 😀


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