Today in Indie Game Development with Kendra: Thursday, June 30, 2016

save me from myself unity 2d

Day Job was work, walked my adorable doggy today… etc.

Got home to check my emails and notifications to find out that a Unity Certification is happening in Columbus at the end of July! And it’s free! I’m totally going as long as I am able to stay at my aunt’s house. Hotels are expensive, plus it will be nice to see my aunt.

Oooo.. also, my friend Keith up in Cleveland just released a video for a “Games in Cleveland” theme that my game, Epicurus Unvorsum was in. It’s pretty cool. The other games in there are pretty awesome as well. I look forward to doing more with the Cleveland Game CoOp. But check out the video up above.

Okay… so I’m going to finish checking my emails and notifications, then take a shower and sit down to work some more on my animation in Unity. Wahoo!

Oh man. I’m so excited.. My animation is coming along.. don’t you worry about that. Going to work on the mechanics for object and enemies after this. But….

My friend, Keith just sent me a Facebook message with a link to an interview he was in on Cleveland’s local news WKYC… and a little clip of Epicurus Unvorsum was in it! Wahoo!

Congrats on the interview Keith!

Ok.. bedtime…Goodnight!


So what are you working on? What’s one of your favorite Unity Tutorials?

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