Today in Indie Game Development with Kendra: Thursday, July 7, 2016

pokemon go

Pokemon Go came out yesterday!!!!!!! Above is my dude-et. I went with purple hair and yellow and black clothes. I was feeling rebellious. So, umm… yeah… I’m not getting a lot of game dev stuff done.

I have been frothing at the mouth waiting for this game to come out..

I actually left my apartment… to walk. I walked so far, I got a blister on my toesies.

Ummm.. so yeah. I did manage to get some doodles down for some objects that need to go into the first level of Save Me From Myself so I can show everyone how super sweet it will be in October at the Game Dev Expo in Columbus, Ohio!!!! okay.. but I can’t show you anything, yet… soon my pretties… soon..

Okay.. There is a gym down the street from my apartment that I must go claim… here’s some pictures of my awesome Pokemon Go -ness!!!

pokemon go gym down my street

pokemon go pidgey


There’s a Pidgey on my couch! oh! I think it wants to play with my doggy, Molly!

Here are the adorable Pokemon I’ve caught so far!!! Charmander was my first.. he will grow and be strong and I will love him in my digital world.

pokemon go

pokemon go

Okay… goodnight my sweeties.


So what did you do on this July 4th weekend? Did you go anywhere exciting, do anything stupid and/or fun? Tell me! I must know!

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