Today in Indie Game Development with Kendra: Sunday, June 12, 2016

molly drinking water at the fairgrounds

Today, I did not do a whole lot. Because I had to spend the night at my mom’s to watch her puppies, I didn’t sleep well. It didn’t help that I passed out on her couch while working last night. lol.

So, this morning the puppies woke me up at 5:30 am to feed them and take them outside. At that point I had only slept maybe 2 hours. Once that was all finished, I fell back asleep, although when I fell back asleep I moved to the bedroom and collapsed on top of the bed. Didn’t eve remove the covers.

Woke up again at about 10:30 am. At this point I wasn’t going to fall back asleep again, so I got up and took the pups outside again. Then we came back inside. I found some cottage cheese and fresh fruit in my mom’s fridge, so I ate it. It was delicious.

I couldn’t leave until about 2 pm since her puppy is still too young to be trusted to not destroy things while no one is home, so her two pups and I watched some show about women who have killed their husbands. It was interesting, but all I could think was, wouldn’t it have been easier to just divorce the guy? People do strange things.

I checked all of my emails and packed up most of my stuff.

Oh! Last night after writing my journal entry, I launched XCode to finish creating the Epicurus Unvorsum game build for iOS. Learned that I can’t build anything at all until I purchase my developer license. I thought I just wouldn’t be able to submit to the App Store, but no, I can’t even create the build. Bleh. Apple drives my crazy. So, when I get paid from my day job this Friday, I will get my iOS dev license so I can finish building the game and submit to the App Store for review.

Anywho.. back on track. At about 2pm, I left my mom and stepdad’s place and stopped at White House Fruit Farm on my way home. I heard they had fresh strawberries available, and I wanted some. So I got a couple of things from the farm, and went home.

I unpacked all of my stuff once I got home, and put the strawberries and cucumber that I bought in the fridge. Relaxed with Shawn and watched a movie. When my parents got home around 5 pm, they called and said thank you. So we met up to walk our pups at the Austintown Park.

Of course the pups had fun. They all played in the mud, ran around and played in the pond at the end. We did stumble across a young couple having sexy time on the path we were walking on. That was hilarious, and super embarrassing for them. I think we killed their romantic mood. lol.

At the end of the walk my mom, knowing how much I love everything from White House Fruit Farm, had gone and picked up some strawberries, yummy sweet pepper bread and asparagus as a thank you for watching her pups over the weekend.

So I went home, cut up all the strawberries I had, froze half and put the other half in single serving bags for mine and Shawn’s lunches this week. I also cut up the cucumber and placed it in single serving bags as well.

Then I made spaghetti dinner. I cooked some hamburger meat and onions, then added them to the Vodka sauce along with some seasoning. It turned out pretty yummy, so Shawn and I had a lovely dinner.

Then I took a shower, and now I’m writing this. For the rest of the night I’ll be working my new game. I’ll hopefully be able to tell you all more about the new game soon, but not until I know what I’m going to do with it.

Anyways, I hope you all have a wonderful rest of your evening. I know Game of Thrones will be on tonight, cha cha cha. So I’m going to get some work done before it does.


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