Today in Indie Game Development with Kendra: Sunday, July 11, 2016

Ugh… Mondays. Sleep through it? Hah!

Of course, in the real American world, that is not likely. So, I get my regular 8 hours of interrupted adult sleep. lol.

Pokemon Go Journal

Anywho, so… since Pokemon Go came out, I’ve decided to dedicate an hour walk at the Boardman Park (just about) every day. That way I can still have time to get some work done, walk my dog while I hunt Pokemon, and get my daily walk / exercise in. Winning.

Also, I think I might start separating my journals, so this one can stay dev related, and I can talk about my daily Pokemon adventures in another. So yah… check out my Pokemon Journal from now on for Pokemon Go info.

Aiye jumping save me from myself

Game Dev Journal / Diary

Alright! So, I got my hero, Aiye, jumping and double jumping. It looks awful. So it definitely needs tweaked, but for now, I’ve got it functional.

Going to work on getting some artwork done for level objects. The first level is basically my mind’s version of Market Street from Boardman into Youngstown… so, it’s gonna be sweet.

Anyways, I just hope everyone likes the game I’m making. But I guess, even if you don’t, that’s fine because I like making it. Although, I will cry myself to sleep at night, so you better like it.

haha.. Just kidding. Or maybe I’m not!

Anyways, I guess we’ll find out when I get my playable demo ready for the October Game Dev Expo in Columbus, OH (whisper whisper.. go to it and check out Save Me From Myself … whisper whisper)

Okay, good night. Going to go brush my teeth… maybe catch a Pidgey.


So what kind of games are you all making? Come across anything interesting in Unity?

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