Today in Indie Game Development with Kendra: Sunday, July 10, 2016

Today, Morgan and I met my mom at the Austintown Park to walk the pups. There were not as many Pokestops there. So far, the best park in the area is he Boardman Park, as far as Pokestops goes.

I’m still Eevee hunting. I would like to have an army of Eevees. Although, I’m not finding them as much as I’d like. Does anyone know of a good spot to find Eevees?

save me from myself jump technique

Indie Game Development

Anyways, I’ve got the functional platform and a walking player. Now I’m making the player jump. So, that will be finished this evening. I’m following Mike Geig’s tutorial on 2D Character Movement in Unity.

It’s pretty good. I’ve liked it so far and is really helping me out. He also uses an interesting way to create the character jump that I’ve never heard/used before. So, I’m learning something new! Wahoo!

Anyways, gonna get back to Unity.


Tell me about the Pokemon you’ve been catching! Any exciting stories? Any super rare pokemon? Tell me your crazy adventures!

Tell me some cool Unity tutorials, too! I’m always looking to expand my knowledge.

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