Today in Indie Game Development with Kendra: Monday, June 27, 2016

unity 5 animation tool

Uuuuugghhh. I hate Mondays. Just like Garfield. Although, I’m not as obsessed with lasagna as he is. Either way, I did not want to get out of bed this morning. I just wanted 5 more minutes, but alas, I had to go to work at my day job so I could get paid and buy groceries and stuff.

I got home, and it is just too hot to walk my dog right now (5:30 pm)… so I’m waiting until the sun starts to go down at 7:30 and I’ll meet my parents to walk the pups then. Hopefully it will have cooled off a little since it’s like 89 degrees out right now and a little humid.

Until I go walk, I will be working some more on that animation…. so I’ll be back.

Ok.. so I didn’t get a lot done. Some day’s it’s just impossible to do any work. There are just not enough hours in my day. now I’m sad that I didn’t get what I wanted done. Bleh.

I’ll have to work twice as hard tomorrow.



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