Today in Indie Game Development with Kendra: Friday, June 24, 2016

jagger, sira and molly being good puppies

Holy cow, it’s already 11:00 pm! Today just flew by!!!

Today at the Day Job

So, today was super busy.. like most days. Had a guy call and refuse to give me his name for an order…. so that was weird, but other than that a pretty normal day. Although, I left my phone at home, so I felt disconnected from the world for several hours…

My mom called me after work and invited me over for some yummy grilled fajita awesome-ness. Molly and I went; Shawn was at the gym, so he missed out. We ate, I helped clean up, and even Nolly got some. Look at all three good puppies in the photo!

We went for our normal walk, but it was already pretty late. I didn’t get home until almost 8:30 pm. I relaxed and watched some TV for a bit and made some cowboy beans.

So, last month I was interviewed by the Youngstown Business Journal and the video was posted today! But not only that, my step-dad told me that it aired on the local segment of NPR today! I was super excited to be air on NPR’s local segment. Watch the interview video now!

And now it’s almost 11:30 pm.

My Indie Game Development Today

So, to say the least, I’ll be staying up late working on some animations for Save Me From Myself.

Last night I got all of the Animator Parameters laid out. Tonight I’m going to connect them and tell the GameObject what animation to do when a key is pressed, or action occurs.


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