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unity 2d save me from myself

What is Developing with Save Me From Myself?

So, today was kind of productive for Save Me From Myself. I got some signs ready for the first level. It’s basically Market St, or Ohio rout 7, that goes from Boardman to Youngstown, Ohio. So, I need road signs. Some will be for playful-ness, some will help direct the player, and some might help you find some hidden items, like an extra life or something.

Who knows? … well I guess I will know. But you all will get find my secrets yourself!

Anyways, I’m going to work on getting some other game object assets ready to import so I can get this first level of Save Me From Myself to be playable.

Until next time!


So what kind of games are you all making? Come across anything interesting in Unity? What game development and game design and game art software do you use?

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