Press Kit for Eimear Studios

Welcome to the press kit page about Eimear Studios. This page contains any info you might need to post articles or become more informed about Eimear Studios. If you have any further questions or would like to request more information, please contact us with your request and we will make it available.

Fact Sheet

• Started in 2011 with an Arizona LLC
• Run and Operated by Kendra Corpier
• Started as a one person studio
• In February 2016, we welcome Brent La Follette, our new programmer
• In 2013, packed up shop and moved to Kendra’s hometown, Youngstown, Ohio, after her father passed away
• In late 2016, we will be obtaining a new LLC for Ohio and dissolving our Arizona LLC
• Primarily uses Unity 5 with C#
• Focuses on 2D Game Development
• Is an independent game development studio
• Is currently designing and developing Epicurus Unvorsum for Android devices

About Eimear Studios

Eimear Studios is an independently run indie game developer studio located in Youngstown, OH. Eimear Studios was created by Kendra Corpier as a way for her to express her love for games. Kendra started in the industry by getting a game developer’s Bachelor Degree with the dreamer’s way of wanting to make her ideas with AAA companies. Upon graduation, just getting a job within the industry was tough, due in part to the economic fall. Once she got into the industry, it wasn’t what she dreamed it would be.

After Kendra achieved her Bachelor Degree in Game Art and Design, she set forth to get a job in the game development industry. She started as a contract quality assurance game tester with THQ, Inc. in 2007 in Phoenix, AZ. There she learned about development kits, QA, and the struggles of cross platform game development. She also learned, that when you work for someone else, you don’t get to make your dream games and creating content for larger companies can be terrifyingly repetitive.

In 2008, Kendra left THQ to work for a 3rd party mobile game quality assurance company called Mobile Post Productions in Gilbert, AZ. There, she moved up within the first few months to a mobile app certify, which is a person who does the final testing for mobile games to make sure they are ready for the app market. Kendra certified many mobile games for J2Me and BREW devices. Kendra became interested in programming while she worked here, because of her desire to make her own games.

In 2009, Kendra was continuing her job search to gain a position within a game development studio. She had many interviews, but nothing ever seemed to come from them. She couldn’t understand what she was doing wrong, since this was the first time she had ever been passed up after an interview. She knew her work was good, and her motivation was there, but the job hunt market for game development was (and still is) competitive and tough to get in.

A loss at what to do, and still not advanced enough in programming to seek a job in that area, she decided to go into a more accepting field just so she could get a paycheck and not have to completely leave the industry, the graphic design field.

She soon gained a position with Dynamic Worldwide Productions as an interactive designer in late 2009. There, she was in a small office, which allowed her to work with other programmers, and soon became fluent in ActionScript 3. Craving and missing game development, she launched her new website and started writing tutorials and blogging about video games during her free time.

In 2010, she left the graphic design studio to work for the Phoenix Univision TV station, a local Spanish television station. While she worked there, she learned a lot about press work, press releases and marketing. Continuing to stay within the game development field, with her blog, Kendra declared herself video game press and received press passes to attend video game events.

Kendra attended PAX Prime in Seattle, WA in 2011 as press, where she was introduced to indie game development. The indie development section was small and cramped, but she fell in love with the developers’ abilities to do what they want, how they want, with little to no restrictions. She met the developers at Hello Games while they were showing their game “Joe Danger”. She spoke with them about their game and was amazed that such a small team could create this game.

Motivated by the inspiration that Hello Games and the other indie developers gave to her, Kendra returned from PAX Prime and started researching how to start up a small business and what tools were available for her to create her own games. She bought her Arizona LLC, an was truly excited with what she was doing.

In 2011, she began making various web based games with Adobe Flash and ActionScript 3, since this was what she knew. She did not have the money or financial backing to go into development full time, so she continued to work full time at the television station and work at night on her blog and her games, along with some freelance game development work.

At the end of 2011, her position was removed from the television studio due to lack of funding and she lost her job. She moved in with her cousin, and was at a loss of what to do in order to pay her bills.

With not many decent paying jobs available due to the decline in availability and overflooding of artists looking for work, finding a full time graphic design or game development job was close to impossible. Kendra continued her research on how to create a game on her own and make a profit, but was forced to get a job at a gas station to just to make ends meet.

She continued to write in her blog about ActionScript 3 and work during the day at Circle K, but soon learned that the games she wanted to make would require more than just the knowledge of Actionscript 3, a business license and art. Kendra decided that she needed to publish a small quick game to get her motivated about making her own games and less depressed about working at a gas station. In just one month, she created a small drinking game app for Android devices using ActionScript 3 in Adobe Flash. This was enough to push her into dev mode, and she started planning for her game.

Like the force was not with her, her boss fired her from Circle K due to some differences in opinions. She took a job at a trophy shop as a web designer, but she soon learned that the job was not for web design any way, shape or form. Her boss advertised it as a web graphic design job, but what she actually did was build trophies. She stuck it out, since it paid her bills and helped her get by, for now.

On December 17, 2012, she received a phone call from her mother, that her father was in a accident and had passed away. She flew home to Ohio for services and grieving. At that point in time decided that she was going to move back to Ohio, where art and design is still respected and she could be close to her family, and the cost of living was much easier to handle with low paying day jobs.

In January 2013, she was fired from the trophy shop, with her boss claiming that she was somehow costing him more money than she was worth. Real nice guy. This was the push; she started planning her move.

In February 2013, she and her boyfriend flew her back to Ohio, and she moved in with him. She didn’t tell anyone in Ohio what she was doing, and happily surprised her mother, who was very excited to have her back in Youngstown.

Kendra remained unemployed for several months, but was supported by her wonderful and inspiring boyfriend. In August, she started a part time job with Austintown Local Schools as a Media Tech. There, she was a web admin, graphic designer, camera operator, and much more. She continued her research in game development, but by this point in time, ActionScript 3 was becoming one of the dead languages, and ActionScript 3 was unable to support the things she wanted to do in game development. Programming was not her strongest skill set at the time, so she was at a loss for what language to learn and what game engine to use. She remained focused on the artwork for her game, to get it prepped for when she could start putting it all together.

In August 2014, she left the school to be a Senior Graphic Designer for a local Minuteman Press print shop that had just opened up down the street from her apartment. This was great because she had minimal commute time, allowing her to have even more time to devote towards game development.

In October 2014, she found a local Meetup group about video game development that had just launched and decided to join it. There were 3 members including herself. They decided to create a game, just to get things started and learn more about each other. This introduced her to Unity 3D game engine, and she learned Javascript with ease, since it is so closely related to ActionScript 3.

By December 2014, the leader of the meetup group left, so Kendra and the other member, Bill, took over. The two worked out a few ideas to gain more members and by January 2015 had about 6 members showing up to the meetings. In February 2015, Kendra took part in her first game jam, the Global Game Jam in Pittsburgh, run by the Pittsburgh Chapter of IGDA (Internation Game Developers Association). Bill went with her and the two of them and their team’s other 4 members won the Diversity Award with their game concept.

With motivation from the Youngstown Game Developers Meetup, her award from the Global Game Jam, and her learning of Javascript, she went into full developer mode for her game Epicurus Unvorsum. In April 2015, Kendra was approached by a company to use their Unity plugin for her game. She agreed, but soon found that she had to learn a new language to properly use it, or any other plugin for Unity. Kendra jumped in, took all of the classes (programming script sheets) she had created with Javascript and converted them to C# in 2 weeks. This helped her to become familiar enough with C# and continued to develop her game, Epicurus Unvorsum.

Now, Kendra is still working full time at the print shop, is the Organizer for Youngstown Game Developers, and is running her studio while finishing Epicurus Unvorsum. With a planned release of May 2016, Eimear Studios is super excited about getting their flagship game out to the mobile market, and launching in to full time game development in 2017.

Eimear Studios Goals

Eimear Studios is a game studio that makes games, for the fun of making games. Video games are a uniquely expressive art form, using all aspects of the art fields, from programming to design, to concept, story and music. With each of the games Eimear Studios produces, they hope to fulfill all aspects of this unique art form for everyone to enjoy.


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