Prepping for This Week’s Live Stream Game Jam

April Fool's Jam logo 2017-72dpi-01

So, many of you know (or maybe you don’t) that this Friday, March 31st is the Youngstown Game Developers’ April Fools’ Game Jam. Being that I am the organiser of the Youngstown Game Developers, I have been prepping for months.

Last night, I did some final prep work and testing for the YouTube Livestream that we will be (attempting) to accomplish. I’m hoping to be able to run it here and there throughout the jam, but for sure during the Opening and Closing presentations.

Why am I running a Livestream?

Well, not everyone can make it to the game jam, or maybe someone wants to see what a game jam is, before attending one. Well, whatever your case may be, if you can’t make the April Fools’ Game Jam this weekend, please watch YGD Live Streams!

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