Play with Legos in Youngstown Library

legos in youngstown

LEGOs in Youngstown!

My friend, RJ Thompson, is a professor at Youngstown State University. He will be co-hosting a Lego building event at the Youngstown Public library on Saturday.

I know this really doesn’t have a lot to do with video games, but who doesn’t love LEGOs. I will be there building some stuff, so come hang out with me!

Update: Post Event

Hanging out with RJ and meeting a few new people was a lot of fun! A few pictures of the LEGO event for your entertainment:

rj and kendra at youngstown lego event

rj and kendra at youngstown lego event

rj and kendra at youngstown lego event

rj and kendra at youngstown lego event

The official press release for the event is below:

Details for Lego Youngstown Main Library Event

Watch a Scale Model of Main Library Being Built with Legos Saturday, October 24

YOUNGSTOWN, OH — Watch the talented builders from YSU and Steel City Users Group construct a scale model of Main Library inside the library at 305 Wick Ave., Youngstown, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., Saturday, October 24.

Utilizing over 5,000 individual bricks, the group will construct the library model over the course of library hours.

From the YSU Department of Art, overseeing the building project will be RJ Thompson, assistant professor of graphic and interactive design, along with Kent Kerr, adjunct professor of graphic design.

Kids of all ages can help build the library, watch Lego videos, do free building activities, and more. Legos will be provided. All are welcome to enjoy this all-day event. No reservations are needed. Treats for the Library’s 135th anniversary will be provided (while supplies last).

Main Library, 9 a.m. – 5 p.m., Sat., Oct. 24

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