New Unity 3D Tutorials are Coming


Why Tutorials in Unity 3D

Unity 3D is an amazing tool for indie game developers. But of course, you need to know how to use it. Previously, I always wrote tutorials on ActionScript 3. ActionScript 3 is not a good language to use for programming larger, more complicated games.

So, I left Adobe Flash and ActionScript3 to move forward with my game development knowledge and decided to find a better game engine than Adobe Flash, which also meant I had to learn a new programming language.

My friend, Bill, introduced me to Unity 3D. I knew it existed, but it seemed overwhelming to learn. And it was, if I was learning it on my own. I was still a very novice programmer, and I would have to learn a whole new language to use this tool.

I buckled down, learned JavaScript for Unity and C# for Unity, was in two game jams, won an award from a game jam and published a small mobile game, through trial and error and networking and friendships.

2 Years later here we are. I am now the lead organizer for the Youngstown Game Developers, am starting tutorials and workshops, and am working on possibly releasing a console indie game.

What Kind of Tutorials

So, the tutorials I will be starting with and focusing on are going to be beginner and starter tutorials. There are tons of tutorials out there, but most of them are written for people with some experience in programming and or game development. That doesn’t help anyone who wants to start learning game development from scratch.

The other reason I will be giving beginner tutorials is because, while many colleges are starting to include a game development curriculum, the college in my home town has not. However, many of their students are very interested in game development and have no idea where to start.

My goal, is to work with their school hosting game development meetups and events, to show there is a large interest in a game development program, and that Youngstown State University should invest in introducing a game development program. So, work with me to show Youngstown and YSU that there is a large interest and need for the game development Bachelor’s program in their school system.

Where to Watch

And now, I will start writing tutorials in Unity 3D. The tutorials will be part of the workshop series that I will be holding once a month with the Youngstown Game Developers, down at McDonough Museum. After the live workshop, these tutorials will be posted here, along with a video tutorial The recording of the tutorial workshop will be posted on Youngstown Game Developers’ website.

I hope this will help any novice game developer to get more involved with game development, rather than shy away from. If I can learn to make a game by myself, anyone can. So, umm.. see you at the next workshop or online!

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