New Android Mobile Game Demo Epicurus Unvorsum is Available!

epicurus Unvorsum android mobile game demo

Hi everyone! I am super excited to say that the Android mobile game that I’ve been working, Epicurus Unvorsum, is finally ready as a demo for you all to play! So check it out! Tell me what you think! And have fun playing the demo to get you excited for the release!

To download the Demo, you will need to accept to be a tester via the Google Play store below:

Within about 10 minutes, you should have access to the game in the Play store via the link below:

If you have issues, you can also manually download and install the APK file via the link below:

epicurus Unvorsum android mobile game demo
Epicurus Unvorsum Press Release 5

About the Android Mobile Game Demo

Please keep in mind, while the game is ready to play, it is still not finished. I will be updating it regularly, so make sure to install the updates when they pop up in your Google Play list.

Below is a list of things to know while playing the current demo:

• The power ups are not available to use yet. I ran into a bug that needs to be fixed •

• Also, the Speed plus and minus power ups turned into something I didn’t like. They will be turned into speed break and speed boost power ups instead •

• The continues timer will reset if you exit the game •

• The sound has not been added, yet •

• the speed of the jet will soon be adjustable •

There are other issues, but those are the larger, current issues.

Press Release for the demo

Below is a link to the official info page for Epicurus Unvorsum:

Below is a zip file download for the press release of this demo.

epicurus unvorsum press release 02
Epicurus Unvorsum Press Release 5

Stay in Touch

On another note, if you find any issues with either this website or any of my games, or have any suggestions or questions, Eimear Studios would love to hear them! Email me here or report an issue or bug here.

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