Learning Has Its Ups and Downs

learning mistake

As you all may have noticed, everything from before February 20, 2015 is missing. Well, I messed up and downloaded the wrong database and lost everything from the site when I switched to a new host.

Why Did This Happen?

Well, this is a learning curve for me. I do not have training in transferring websites. So, I thought I could do it on my own and learn. I learned the hard way, that you never close your old account until the new one is up and running. But that’s just how life goes.

Luckily, it’s only a few years of posts, rather than a life time. And most of the better posts were more recent.

Learning has Its Ups and Downs

So, when you are learning something new, just like I was with transferring to a new host, and you totally f@*+ it up, you have every right to be sad, angry, and mad. Just don’t get sad, angry or mad at other people. So not cool. It’s not their fault you messed up. Instead, take a moment. Break down and cry if you need to (try to keep the crying at home, though). Then recollect and figure out what you can do.

I learned, with my mistake, that even when you lose something, you gain. I broke down the other day, and yes, I cried a little. I just lost my website, that I love so much. But I slept on it.

I got up the next day and went to my day job, came home, and now I’m putting my webpage back together. I get to reorganize everything on the site and clean it up a bit. I’m also going to get a better grasp on my social marketing / networking, which I think needs some improvement.


When you mess up, don’t freak out. Worst case, you lost everything and have to start over. But starting over can be a good thing. It’s like building a new computer. Everything is fresh and clean and fast. You already know what you want on your computer, but there isn’t a whole bunch of stuff left from forever ago.

Anyways, hope this motivates anyone who has totally messed something up recently. I know I totally did. But hey, se la vi. Get up, and get my shit back together, and start over.

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