Kendra’s Interview with Youngstown Business Journal

BUZZJune24_2016 from The Business Journal on Vimeo.

Youngstown Game Developers, We Are Awesome

So, about a month ago, a wonderful lady from the Youngstown Business Journal, Natasha Clark, asked if she could interview me and the other the leaders of YGD (Youngstown Game Developers) for a feature on their website.

So Natasha, Bill Jones, Andrew Pavlick, Jeff Rimko and I (Kendra Corpier) all decided on a date and met up at the eCenter in Hermitage, PA. We all talked about game development, some games we are interested in, indie game development versus AAA game development and were interviewed on camera.

YGD gave Natasha some footage of some of the events and meetups for her to use and above is the video. Check it out! (Red More about it Here)

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