Indie Game Development Journal: World 1 Level 1 Save Me From Myself WIP


Level 1 Layout WIP

So, this weekend, I worked on adding elements to Save Me From Myself World 1 Level 1. I added some basic functions so that the player could get an idea of how the game would function with the mechanics…

Player Death

So, I have not created the restart menu, yet. So right now, when the player falls to their death, the player just respawns at the beginning. The goal is for the level to actually restart, or to restart the player back at the midway point, if the player crossed it.


There are some secrets, where collectibles will be hidden. The player will be able to collect shop coins and gypsy coins, which, for the full game will open up an in game shop to purchase in game items and a mini-game level to earn stuff, respectively.

Extra Lives

There will also be a way to always earn an extra life in every level  by activating the white rabbit. The rabbit will drop 8 eggs, which the player will need to collect within a small amount of time.

Saving the Game

Currently, there is no save game. But once the save game will be added, the player will be able to keep track of what coins the player has collected from which level, how many extra live the player has, and more.


The game is coming along. Obviously, it will not be publishing ready for the GDEx at the end of this month. I will be presenting this Alpha, to kind of get a feel for how people respond to the game play and to build a larger fan base. My end goal is to have a larger fan following, and be able to present a demo to Microsoft and hopefully get a contract with them to build for their console.

We shall see.


I know, it’s another morning post instead of evening…meh… hah. So, off to another day!


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