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World 1 Level 1

So, World 1 Level 1 is coming along nicely. I feel like I got a lot done this weekend. I’m still a bit nervous about presenting it, but I’m sure everything will be fine and you all will enjoy Save Me From Myself.

Why So Nervous?

Okay, so I’m pretty nervous. I’ve made a few games in the past, and kind of messed around with some cheezy games and worked some freelance projects on game development. But this is my first time presenting my game at a convention, with the goal of being launched on a console.

I’m super excited, scared and nervous. I am also really afraid of being judged by the others, of my presentation just totally failing or even my game not being playable. And I am freekin’ out a bit.

But then I stop, calm down and go back to working on it. And I tell myself, everything will be great and turn out great.

What Will Be Presented at GDEx

Basically, I am creating the first level of the first world for everyone to play. This will be a total Alpha version of the level. It’s basically so I can get a feel for how people are enjoying the game while playing, what issues they may come across and if they like the art assets.

I am going to get as many of the playable mechanics available and playable for the demo to build interest and test on the public.

There will be the start menu and world menu. There will be a playable level, and hopefully a shop and a mini game to play. These are the basic level mechanics to Save Me From Myself. Within the game, the player will be able to use Aiye’s basic movements, and if I have enough time I made add one of her power ups.

How is World 1 Level 1 Coming Along

Well, it’s playable. As you can see from the screenshot above, World 1 Level 1 is still very bare. Right now I’m messing with the player Physics 2D a bit, to make the character movement feel right.

I’m using Unity’s Physics 2D. It contains a lot of the physics types that I would like to use in my game, like the Platform Physics which allows a player to jump up through a block, but not fall down through the block.

I’m also trying a few different ways to import and use the art assets for the game. Foe example, the ground terrain I am using a tile able texture on a 3D box using a Collision 2D. And the ground towers are actually all the same prefab instance, just placed at different heights, or rotated to give a slant.

I realize that this game is being built for a console, so I probably won’t need to be too concerned about memory space for a 2D game, but I feel like this should be a good habit to always be thinking about ways to conserve ram type memory.


So that’s it for tonight. I’d like to finish up a few things for the recording of the Youngstown Game Developers tutorial workshop I gave today. A video to post, and then I’m releasing the written and video tutorial on here for everyone t use.

So, a busy night indeed.

Good night!


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