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So, Monday. Bloody Monday. Hah. Just kidding. Today I played with Unity Camera and Unity animation!

I got home from my day job, and cooled down for a bit. This heat is going to kill me. lol.. I moved away from Arizona to get away from it… and now it’s come to haunt me…. and my electricity bill.

Today in Game Development

Anywho… today in game development with Kendra (me in case you were wondering).

As you all know (or should by now) I do my game development in Unity 3D. I’ve updated to Uniy 5.+ to stay current and all that jazz.

As you can see in my super sweet video above, my hero character, Aiye, is jumping, double-jumping, walking, running, falling, idle and climbing.

Even the camera is following Aiye! …which was surprisingly easy to do thanks to Aspirer in the UnityCommunity. I also found a script that will also do it, but the script seemed like a lot more work.

Aiye Save Me From Myself Camera Movement

What I Did with the Unity Camera

I’m am a minimalist and would much rather find the faster and (hopefully) better way to do things. And if all it takes is making the Main Camera a child of Aiye, then so be it.

I did need to make a few adjustments with my camera. Like, Aiye is not in the exact center of my screen, so when she turned left and right, the camera flipped kind of funny around the X axis.

So, I zeroed out the X transform to center the camera around Aiye when the game plays. I did not zero it on the Y transform, only because, for the most part, the player will not need to see a lot of what’s below Aiye.

As I create the levels and such, I will adjust the camera to meet the levels’ needs, but for now and the first playable level, this is perfect.

 Aiye’s Unity Animation Sequence

As you can see, there’s no real animation sequence. Well, that’s because I have only created a minimal animation sequence so that I could get the code an mechanics working.

And, for the most part, the mechanics for Aiye’s movements are working. There is a collision issue, which I will work on fixing soon enough.

I don’t think the collision issue is with Aiye, I think it’s more with the game objects. So, I will worry about that soon enough.

Now, Aiye currently has her basic Unity Animations set up and functional. They include walking, running, jumping, falling (which is actually part of jumping thanks to Mike Geig and his animation tutorial which I do not currently have the link for), idle and climbing.

Now, those are not the only animations Aiye will have. I will still need to get animations for her power ups, a hit animation, an idle waiting animation, sliding down a hill animation and a few others that I can’t name off the top of my head.

But at this point, I need to get Aiye properly animated, so she doesn’t look so stupid and won’t look ridiculous runing through the level.

Once Aiye’s animation is finished I’ll be building the level layout for the playable demo. The hero animation may take a little while since I am not doing this full time and I’ll be using animation software I am still becoming familiar with.

I only get to work on my game like 2 hours a night, if I’m lucky. But it’s fine because I need to keep a work / life balance.

Today’s Conclusion

So, starting tomorrow, I’ll be working on Aiye’s basic animations and getting her ready for gameplay. Which also means I’ll be shutting down Unity 3D for a few days so that I can make pretty colors and crayon drawings in Photoshop.

I kid of course… how many of you can masterfully use Photoshop, Illustrator, Spine and After Effect seamlessly together?

Until tomorrow… I need some beauty rest.


How do you use Unity Cameras? How has your experience with Unity Animation been?

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