Indie Game Development Journal: Unity 3D Roadshow

So, it’s been a couple of days since my last journal, but there’s good reason for that. I spent the weekend in Columbus, OH for a Unity 3D event.

Kendra and Mike Geig at Unity 3D roadshow

Unity 3D Roadshow Event

On Saturday, the amazing Mike Geig took attendance, and proudly announced that 100% of the people who signed up to attend, showed up for the event. Super sweet!

So, after that it took about 4 hours or so to get through the presentation, but that also including like 30 minutes for lunch from Domino’s. Thanks Domino’s Pizza!

Rupert and Kendra at the Unity 3D Roadshow

Rupert, another member of the Youngstown Game Developers, also attended the Unity 3D Roadshow. So we sat next to each other so we could help each other out to learn.

Unity 3D Online Multiplayer Game

Mike basically took us from start to finish on how to make a multiplayer networked game. He made it super easy to understand.

Especially how he showed us how it would work without being on a network, and how to make it work while on a network. It was super sweet.

Mike made it super easy to understand, and I hope that Unity puts on more events like this in Ohio.

The Rest of Columbus Weekend

So, after the Unity Roadshow event, I got to hang out with my aunt. We decided to go the Ohio State Fair. I haven’t been to a fair in like 13 years, so we thought it would be fun.

And it was. We ate lots of fried food, so much that it made us a little sick to our stomachs. But we walked around for 2 hours or so. We didn’t ride any rides or anything, but we did go and check out the Butter Cow.

What’s a butter cow? That’s what I asked. Apparently, every year, they make a cow statue made of butter. I just want to know what they do with all that butter after the fair. Bleh.

I wish I took a picture of it.. it was a little weird. There were sooooo many people there. So we left after a little while, and when we got back to my aunt’s house, I crashed.

I was super tired and passed out on the couch.

Sunday, my aunt and I took it easy and went and did a little shopping to help her get some new clothes and then we went and got pedicures. My toes are blue, and they feel awesome.

She smoked some yummy ribs for dinner. We also had salad, cucumbers, fresh corn on the cob… mmm.. so yummy.

Game Dev Weekend Wrap Up

I left right after dinner and didn’t get home until 9:45 pm. So it was a long weekend, but it was a lot of fun. I learned something new about Unity 3D and hopefully I’ll be able to put it to some good use.

Well, it’s late and I’m tired from a long weekend. Good night!


Do you use Unity? Would you benefit from an event like a Unity roadshow?

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