Indie Game Development Journal: Sewage Pipes


Sewage Pipes…. Ummm…

Hah, I know, it sounds crazy. But I need sewage pipes for my game. These pipes are how Aiye warps to and from the some of the levels, and she will eventually have a scooter that rides the sewer.

I realize that right now they look very similar to Mario pipes, which is a problem. I’m working on a way to make them feel different than the Mario pipes, but similar since they are similar in function.

I created them in Illustrator, and will be touching them up in Photoshop to add some dirt and details.

Other Stuff

So, I turned the dirt into cement (I just made the dirt gray and lightened it up a bit in Photoshop) and I added a third row to 99.9% guarantee that the player would not see through to the background.

And truly, that’s about all I got done last night. I had to work overtime at my day job, so yeah.


I know, it’s another morning post instead of evening… I feel asleep at my desk trying to get some work done… hah. So, off to another day!


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