Indie Game Development Journal: Aiye’s Basic Animations Part 2

climbing aiye animations

Some More About Aiye’s Animations

Save Me From Myself is coming along nicely. As many of you know, Aiye is the hero or player character for my upcoming indie game, Save Me From Myself. And I’ve got her animations about two-thirds of the way done.

hit Aiye's Animations

Right now, I have the key frames of the animations done from in the animation software, Spine. The list of Aiye’s animations that have the basic keys finished are:

  1. Walk
  2. Run
  3. Jump
  4. Fall
  5. Hit
  6. Side Climbing
  7. Idle

I still need to animate the main keys for:

  1. Idle Waiting
  2. Front Climbing
  3. Back Climbing
  4. Death
  5. Butt Slide
  6. Shooting

idle Aiye's Animations

Now, when I say the main keys, I mean like the animations are a little rough. Her face is expressionless, her hair is stiff and the joint and skin don’t blend well. There’s a few other things, but those are the three major things.

jumping Aiye's Animations

So, once the main key frames are done with all of the animations, I will clean them up and then export them for Unity.

running Aiye's Animations

So that’s what I’m still working on.

What are you working on? Have any tips for animating?

walking Aiye's Animations

New Sleep Schedule, still Happening

I started going to bed earlier so I can get up and go to the gym.

I was having trouble getting to the gym in the evenings, so I am going to bed an hour earlier so I can get up and go to the gym in the morning. And still have time to shower at the gym and get to work.

Need to stay healthy 😀 And so far, so good. Going to try and get up a little earlier tomorrow.



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