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Unity Indie Game Development

Okeedokee. So, like I said from last night, I would write tonight and tell you what I’m working on for my indie game, Save Me From Myself.

I’ve been tuning up the player character’s in-game movement mechanic. The game, Save Me From Myself’s animations still look pretty awful, since I haven’t created any of the final animation sequences.

But, the character’s game mechanic is starting to feel like a good turn and a smooth jump experience. I’m also working on adding the climbing mechanic.

So, to do all of this, I had to put in my ugly ladder graphic placeholder. I also used placeholder graphics for some obstacle crates and the ground.

I need these so that I can start laying the level, and work on getting all of the game mechanics, and player character functions working properly.

Once the player character is interacting with the level object correctly, I will start working on adding the enemies and interactive objects.

You can see some of placeholder work in progress graphics in the screenshot of my Unity and MonoDevelop windows above. See, they are works in progress. Don’t judge me, monkey.

I’m really looking forward to showing my indie game to everyone in October at the Game Dev Expo in Columbus, Ohio. I just hope I get it to where I want it to be in time for the show… dun dun dunnnnnn… lol

Until tomorrow… I obviously need some sleep.


Will you be attending the Game Dev Expo this year? Will you be attending any other game dev, nerd, geek, video game expos or cons this year? I’d love to hear about your favorite game conventions that you’s attended over the years!

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