Indie Game Development Blues Episode 005

Game Dev Blues Episode 5 Video Blog

Hi everyone. It’s been a while since my last video blog. I’ve been busy with work (day job) and other excuses. lol.

Since the last video blog, I released the game I finished, Epicurus Unvorsum on Android devices. It isn’t doing very well in the marketplace, but that is expected since I didn’t do much for advertising and PR.

Because it’s not doing very well, I will not be releasing it on iOS. The cost of money and time just wouldn’t be worth it.

Epicurus Unvorsum is a fun game, but it just isn’t going to be the next big hit.

Save Me From Myself

So I have moved on to my next project. It’s called Save Me From Myself.

It’s actually a game document that I started a few years back, but put off to the side to maybe work on when I had more programming experience and a better software development kit so I could make the game on my own.

Now I have Unity 5, and everything is great.

Basically, Save Me From Myself is a quarky little game about a girl who loses her mind trying to find a job after graduating college. Her head explodes and she’s knocked unconscious.

Her personality is split into two from the explosion. A good personality named Aiye, and a bad personality name Micelf.  Your job is to help Aiye save Meah from Micelf.

The game will be a 2D sidescroller with hints of elements from other genres, like a store to buy items, items to collect and unlock secrets, hero player upgrades and mini games.

My aim is to get it released on one of the consoles, preferably the Xbox or Playstation lines of consoles, as well as Steam since they have a larger indie game following.

I won’t know a whole lot of what it will be released on until I get a playable demo ready and start submitting it to the companies for review.

So, right now my goal is to have a playable demo ready by October. Why October you ask? Very good question. During the last weekend in October, I will be attending the Game Dev Expo in Columbus, Ohio.

I will be displaying it so people can play and I can build a larger fan base and following. I’m hoping it will help, which I’m sure it will.

So where is the Save Me From Myself now?

Right now, I’m getting the hero, Aiye’s player mechanics working. She is functional, however, she needs some touching up. Her animation needs to be, well, animated instead of being so choppy and her collision with in game objects needs to be touched up since she keeps getting stuck in places where she shouldn’t.

Anyways.. that’s this weeks update! I’m going to try and be more regular with these video blogs like weekly, or every two weeks. Sometimes, I’m super busy and just can’t do it.


Indie Game Developer Blues 005_02969

Will you be attending the Game Dev Expo this year? Will you be attending any other game dev, nerd, geek, video game expos or cons this year? I’d love to hear about your favorite game conventions that you’s attended over the years!

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