Indie Game Developer Blues Episode 002

Indie Game Developer

Yes, that’s what I am. With that, comes great responsibility. But seriously, I have had to learn about marketing, taxes, staying motivated and a lot more. And of course, I also develop games, which includes design, programming and art.

Why Do It Alone?

Well, I went indie, because while working for other people, I wasn’t creating things that I wanted to create. I wasn’t being challenged as much as I wanted to be challenged. So, I went out on my own.

That doesn’t mean I work alone. I have help from my local group, Youngstown Game Developers, I sometimes ask for help from students, all the people whose tutorials I’ve read and watched online, and from time to time I get contract help.

Episode 02 of Indie Game Developer Blues

This episode, I talk about the speech I did for Youngstown State University, and a little about why I am learning to screen my own shirts for my own promotion. Also, I heart my Youngstown Game Developers. Had some trouble with the old @$$ camcorder I used to record, so this video took a while to render. Also, my cat bumps the tripod, and you can hear my dog whining in the background because I’m not paying attention to her. rofl.

Also, sorry the video post was so late. The darn camera I was using had a weird codec that forced me to have to create the audio as a separate file, which I did not realize until after I had rendered the first version. On that note, I am ordering a new camera, so within the next few episodes, video quality will be greatly increased.

I hope you enjoyed my precious cat, Shippo. He is adorable.

Stay in Touch

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