Indie Game Developer Blues 001

Why Call it Indie Game Developer Blues?

Why not? Hah. Just kidding. I call it that, because running and independent game studio is like listening to the blues. It has ups, it has downs, and everything in between.

So, What is it?

Right, right. Well, the video blog is just going to be a weekly update on what video game development I’m doing, how my networking is going, brief over various topics, and a “week in review”.

I will be recording it just about every Saturday, then releasing it as soon as possible after.

Episode 1: Indie Game Developer Blues

So, in this video, I talk about the current progress of Epicurus Unvorsum, how the Kickstarter is doing, and why I am doing this video blog.

Well, why am I doing the video blog? I want to get to know all of you, but I feel like you could all get to know me a little better if you see who I am. I’m a person, who is passionate about video game and video game development, but me typing that on a screen does not emphasize that passion. So, now you can see all of my crazy, awesome, happy, excited, and sometimes sad faces on video.

Anyways, enjoy watching it, and I hope it inspires, motivates, or whatever you to do what you want to do with game development.

Also, I apologize in advance for the low quality video. As mentioned in the video, my dog thought my good camera was a chew toy. I laugh now, but I cried when I came home to camera pieces all of my apartment. Mostly because it was expensive, and now I have to slowly save up to get a new camcorder. Ugh. Se la vi.

Get Shwifty with Me!

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