Indie Android Game Epicurus Unvorsum Update

epicurus unvorsum update 1-18-2016

Epicurus Unvorsum production is Back On Track

So, you may or may not know, but I have recently been having some problems with my computer. And, as an indie dev, sometimes it’s a little hard to just run out and replace stuff that breaks.

That being said, I got the graphic card to at least function enough to allow me to work (slowly), but I can’t render any videos without my computer crashing … bleh.

Anyways, the graphics card will be replaced in early February, along with getting an upgrade to a SSD drive to make things run a littler faster/smoother. This will allow my game production to continue, and so I can update everyone with videos.

Epicurus Unvorsum is back into production after a few weeks of trying to get my computer to stop crashing.

Lasers! are Working

So, now the laser weapon upgrade is working. It’s design graphics are not done, but it is functioning properly.

Next (tonight), I will be getting the clear all enemies upgrade to function properly. Once that is finished, I will be making the upgrades available for you all to interact with and use.

Everything is Back on Track

So, that all being said, as long as I don’t run into any more mechanical issues, I should still be able to release the game sometime in March.

I’ll post some updates here on my blog; so stay up to date!

Stay in Touch

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