Save Me From Myself

Save Me From Myself Opening-concept001

Meah has been out of college for several years now, and has gathered much experience in her field of work. She has jumped from job to job, in hopes of finding something to satisfy her knowledge but, to no avail. Not to mention, the economy was failing and she was laid off from her most recent position. In order to survive, she took a clerk position at a local gas station, hoping it would be just a few months until she could find a new job in her field.
The economy was not in her favor and no jobs were available, even after eleven months. Stuck putting on generic smiles and cleaning up after asshole customers who look down on her, she eventually loses her mind.

Her brain bursts into two personalities. Her bad sub-conscious escapes with Meah’s unconsciously conscious personality, forcing her to go down a trouble-some life path. Her good sub-conscious personality, Aiye, must find her and save Meah from Micelf.

Info About Production

Currently, Save Me From Myself is in Alpha. I will be working over the next year to fix the game mechanics, and get it into testing.

Release Date

The current estimated release date for Save Me From Myself is mid 2019.

Currently, it is planned to be released on the PS4, XBox, and Steam.


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