Eimear Studios FAQs

Q) Where can I find your games?

A) On our games page on this website. We also have 3 Man in the Google Play Store.

Q) I have a great game idea! Do you do work-for-hire?

A) We love to hear your ideas, however, at this time, we are not hiring. If you still want to share your idea, please send us an email from our Contact Us page. We’d love to hear from you!

Q)What engine or framework do you use to develop your games?

A)In the past, we were using Flash. In December of 2014, we switched to the Unity 3D Engine, and are loving it! We are currently developing a game for Android Mobile, however are going to work towards releasing games for other devices as well.

Q)I want to be a game developer. Can I join you guys?

A) We are not currently hiring. If you’d still like to work with us to get credit on a game, please Contact Us.

Q)How do I become an Alpha Tester?

A)Subscribe to our email newsletter!

Q)How do I report a bug or glitch?

A)Please report any bugs or glitches that find by filling out the bug report form. This can be applied to both the website and or any of Eimear Studios games.