Day Jobs and Inspiration

Inspired By the Day Job??

So, whether or not you know or don’t know…. I have a day job. Just like many of you!

Sometimes, the day job can be very inspirational.

So, I’ve been working on Save Me From Myself, for a while now, and it is my current pet project. However, I’ve been kind of in an inspiration slump. Then, I was inspired by my day job to create a quirky quick Mario World style

Then, I was inspired by my day job to create a quirky, quick, Mario World style sprite platformer. So, my goal is to get it created as quickly as possible in my free time (like 3 or 4 levels with a boss) by the end of May.

Should be fun…. here’s a sneak peak at the main character sprite sheet.

game inspiration result

Uhh.. yeah.. I know. I took a picture of my screen with my phone. I’m working on my laptop…. and writing this post on my desktop…. lol.

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