Costs of Indie Game Developer: June 2015 Expenses


Promoting Your Indie Game Studio Costs Money

June, to say the least was very expensive. On top of my regular bills, I also co-hosted an event to bring local indie game developers to network for a screening of the movie: Gameloading: Rise of the Indies.

The movie was excellent, and everyone who attended was great. Our speakers from SGM Games, the Nunley brothers, were very inspirational and funny. We had prizes to give away, and, most importantly, I got to spread word about Eimear Studios and my networking group, Youngstown Game Developers.

While the tickets for the event were covered by the attendees, I paid for a lot of the prizes that were given away, a lot of the printed marketing for the event, and other various things.

Below is a chart for June’s spending.

June 2015 Expenses


Candy for Prize Bags……..$38.35
T-shirts for Event……….$156.28
Event Prize Containers/Bags…..$4.28
Book Purchase for Prize………$57.83
Gameloading Ticket………….$11.00
Printing Services…………..$377.00
Postage Stamps……………..$23.47
UPS Delivery…..$12.81
Adobe CC…$31.67
Youngstown Game Devs Meetup Fee…..$14.99
Bank Fee……$15.00


The t-shirts I had custom ordered. They were white, with a black and white version of the movie poster, with our event date and the sponsor names listed.

The book is called Art of Game Design: A Book of Lenses 2nd Edition, by Jesse Schell of Schell games. I chose that book as a prize because Schell Games is an independent game developer studio in the Pittsburgh area. I thought the book could show, not just about learning game development, but that anyone can be a game developer, and if they are devoted enough, can become successful. Oh, and Pittsburgh, PA is only about an hour’s drive from Youngstown, so Schell Games is fairly local to our area.

The Candy and Prize Bags / Containers went with the t-shirts. I also stuffed some promotional materials for Eimear Games in the candy prize bags, including the little notebooks I make, stickers, and the brochures for the event.

Printing Services and Postage Stamps included printed postcards that I mailed to all local video game themed or electronic themed stores to invite them to the event, and posters and flyers that I placed around town. I also printed 3 brochures for the event to describe indie video game development, describe the event, and resources in our local area for game development and education for game development. I also printed two different posters: one for SGM Games to sign and one of the event, both for people to take home with them.

My Gameloading Ticket was for the movie entrance fee. I still have to pay, even though I was one of the hosts.

UPS delivery was a mistaken purchase. I was online looking at catalogs for various print shops and one place wanted to send me a printed catalog. All I needed to do was give them my UPS account number. One month later, I received a bill for the delivery of said catalog. Live and learn.

All the other stuff (Phone, Adobe CC, Youngstown Game Devs Meetup Fee & Bank Fee) are all of my regular monthly bill that I pay every month.

And the total for this month is a whopping $824.85. That’s like a whole paycheck for me. But was it worth it?

It Was Definitely Worth It

So, I made some new networking friends for game development, I have some new members for the Youngstown Game Developers Meetup, and hopefully this will lead to more people keeping an eye out on what I’m doing for various visits to my website, or to sign up for my email letter.

Anyways, the event was a blast. I was there from 5:40 pm until almost 11:00 pm that night just chatting with people, discussing ideas and networking.

I think Youngstown is an excellent area for indie game development, and I’m glad I have made some new friends.

On another note, if you find any issues with things, either website or games, or have any suggestions, I would love to hear them! Email me here or report an issue or bug here.

I love to be social with you all! Don’t forget to follow Eimear Studios on Facebook, Google+ and Twitter! I have lots of socialness to share, there’s more at the top right of this page!

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