6 Apps to Get You Started in Game Development

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I know. When I started developing games on my own, I had no idea where to start, or what software I should use. I became overwhelmed and assumed because of my inexperience in knowing how to get started developing video games. I had very little money, so I couldn’t afford much.

So, I thought I’d share a list of some software that you can use to start developing games, that are either inexpensive or free

1. Unity 3D


Unity is the current game engine that I use. It is free to use for indie game developers that make less than a certain amount of money per year. The trade to use the Unity Editor and publish for free, is a Unity Splash screen that will launch every time your users launch your game or app.

2. Unreal Engine

unreal engine

The Unreal Engine of families was the first game engine I learned how to use, back when I was in college. I do not currently use it, but from what other developers tell me, it’s great. The Unreal Engine is free to use and develop, and from what I understand, you pay a percentage of what you make from using the engine.

3. Adobe CC


The Adobe CC suite is fantastic. At about $50 a month, you get access to all of their software, including Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects, Animator (previously Flash) and more. Adobe is always release new updates and new software, including some really cool 3D editing and animating software. You can visit their website for a free trial and decide for yourself if it’s worth the $50.

4. Spine

spine logo

Spine is 2D animation software that was created from a Crowdfunding Campaign. It allows you to animate 2D assets, using a skeleton frame, similar to 3D animating. It is a little pricy, but if you can afford it, I suggest it. They have a free demo to play with the software, but you won’t be able to use anything you create until you purchase it.

5. Magica Voxel

magical voxel

Magica Voxel is a cool 3D software that lets you create 3D pixel art. It’s free. Just check it out.

6. sfxr


sfxr is a great, free chip tune creator. The creator made it for a Ludem Dare challenge many years ago. I’ve been using it for a long time. You can click a button to randomize the sounds, or you can adjust the settings to get your tune just right.

Game Dev Apps

These are just a few of the applications that are available for you to use for game development. There are plenty more, from art apps to sound apps and numerous Game Dev Kits and Engines.

I hope this will help guide you to check out these amazing pieces of software.

Also.. do you have a favorite game development software? Share it with everyone in the comments below!

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