2016 Year in Review

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Last Year was Crazy!

Oh, man. 2016 was super crazy!

I did a lot of firsts:

I made some mistakes…..

  • Released the mobile game late
  • Did not meet my deadlines for game content of the Arcade game

I moved on to new things

Future Plans

  • Finishing plans for April Fools’ Game Jam
  • Working on the Console Game
  • Prepping the Console Game for the Game Dev Expo booth display
  • Getting ready for Global Game Jam in Cleveland
  • Re-organizing the graphic website to focus more on digital gaming graphics market
  • Launching a new website TBA for custom gaming computers
  • Starting a new day job with the Vindicator in mid-January


2016 was great. It was basically a stepping stone from getting settled back into the Youngstown, OH area to really starting my career in digital graphics and game development. Things are going well. My goal this year is to not stress out, not over work myself and enjoy doing my game development while also enjoying my day job.

I can’t wait to see what’s in store for  Eim-Games in 2017!

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