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    Eimear Studios believes in games for the love of games. Our goal is to make games that we love, and hope that you'll love them, too!
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    Eimear Studios loves to be social. Go ahead and chat with us on our social networks or send us an email. We would absolutely love to hear from you!
  • Kendra Corpier

    Kendra loves to play, create, design, learn, market and code games. She is the founder of Eimear Studios and is excited to share her indie game dev world. She is also the organizer of Youngstown Game Developers, a local networking group of game developers.
  • Who We Are

    Eimear Studios is an indie game developer studio based in Youngstown, OH. Our goal is to create games we like, without restrictions like someone else telling us we can't do something we love in our game. We are gamers, creating games for gamers.
  • What is Indie Game Developement

    whatIs Indie Game Development

    Indie game development is a process of dedication, learning, devotion, long nights and best of all, fun. Let me show you how to be a part of it.

    Youngstown Game Developers Interview on WFMJ Youngstown

    youngstown game developers interview with wfmj

    Myself, Bill Jones and Andrew Pavlick of the Youngstown Game Developers were interviewed by Steve Vesey and the story aired on Saturday, November 14, 2015 during the morning show.

    Indie Game Developer Blues 003

    indie game developer blues 003

    In this episode of my indie game developer journal, I talk about the Ohio Game Developer Expo I attended, people I met, the speech I gave on Monday and more!

    Indie Game Kickstarter Unsuccessful


    The Kickstarter for Epicurus Unvorsum did not succeed, and that is sad. But I walked away with a lot more knowledge about how to run a Kickstarter

    Indie Game Developer Blues Episode 002

    indie game developer blues

    This week, I talk about the speech I did for Youngstown State University, and a little about why I am learning to screen my own shirts for my own promotion.

    Play with Legos in Youngstown Library

    legos in youngstown

    I know this really doesn’t have a lot to do with video games, but who doesn’t love LEGOs. I will be there building some stuff, so come hang out with me!

  • Fun

    Our games are for your entertainment. We make games that we enjoy playing, so you have fun playing them, too!
  • Creative

    Our games focus on all aspects of game art: mechanics, graphics, sound, story. Be enchanted with our style.
  • Community

    We love our fans, friends, networks, boys, girls, women and men. Have a chat with us on our social networks!
  • Imaginative

    We create our games to be interesting and thoughtful with unique worlds for you to enjoy.
  • Indigenous

    Video game design is natural for us. It's in our blood to create entertaining interactive games for everyone to enjoy.
  • Impact

    We aim to make a positive impact in the game industry with development, interaction and communication.
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