Costs of Indie Game Developer: June 2015 Expenses


Eimear Studios June 2015 Expenses.

Gameloading Screening Event Today

gameloading screening

Gameloading Screening Event is Today at Movies 8 in Boardman, Oh starting at 7:00 pm. See you there!

Epicurus Unvorsum New Alpha Test Build


I have released a new Alpha test build. Nothing much has changed as far as game play. I am still working on figuring out the store and making it work properly.

Supersonic is a Great Unity Plugin

supersonic dashboard

Supersonic is company that develops plugins for various game SDKs to implements ads into your software, and I am super excited to share with you how great they are. They go above and beyond what I expected from a plugin developer.

Enyx Studios Unholy Trailer Released

Unholy indie game

So, I’m really excited to say that a few of my developer friends from Enyx Studios (also a Youngstown, OH indie game developer) have released their first trailer for their game Unholy!

Unity Building Error: Not a file


I made a build, or at least attempted to. An Error popped up in my Console, stating that the APK file could not be created. Then gave the path to where I store my Epicurus Unvorsum unity project files with “Error: Not a file”.

Speakers from SGM Games for Gameloading Screening

gameloading screening boardman youngstown ohio

Gary Nunley and David Nunley of SGM Games will be speaking at the Boardman, OH screening of Gameloading: Rise of the Indies!

Youngstown Game Developers Meetup June 2015

youngstown game developers meetup

Hello gamers and game makers! The Youngstown Game Developers are having a Meetup on Sunday, June 7th!