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    Eimear Studios believes in games for the love of games. Our goal is to make games that we love, and hope that you'll love them, too!
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    Eimear Studios loves to be social. Go ahead and chat with us on our social networks or send us an email. We would absolutely love to hear from you!
  • Kendra Corpier

    Kendra loves to play, create, design, learn, market and code games. She is the founder of Eimear Studios and is excited to share her indie game dev world. She is also the organizer of Youngstown Game Developers, a local networking group of game developers.
  • Who We Are

    Eimear Studios is an indie game developer studio based in Youngstown, OH. Our goal is to create games we like, without restrictions like someone else telling us we can't do something we love in our game. We are gamers, creating games for gamers.
  • Podcast Interview with Steve Young at Appmasters


    Kendra Corpier, founder of Eimear Studios was interviewed by Steve P. Young on the Appmasters.com podcast. Check it out!

    Epicurus Unvorsum First Press Release


    The first press release for Epicurus Unvorsum is now available.

    Website is Under Construction


    It’s been a few years since the website has had a new layout. And the new layout is way overdue. So, for the next few days or so, you’ll start seeing a bunch of changes.

    Epicurus Unvorsum Open Alpha Now Available

    Open Alpha Epicurus-Unvorsum-Unity-WIP-8-9-2015

    Epicurus Unvorsum is getting closer to having its Kickstarter campaign launched. In preparation for the Kickstarter, Eimear Studios has made Open Alpha Test Builds for Epicurus Unvorsum available through Google’s new Play Store Testing.

    Epicurus Unvorsum Tutorial Levels are Available


    I decided to add two tutorial levels that will be required to play. They are short and sweet, so if you are a true gamer, you probably won’t need them and will fly by pretty swiftly. But, I’ve noticed that when I hand my phone to people who are not generally to be considered “gamers”, they are not sure what to do.

    Epicurus Unvorsum Store Test Purchases: Join the Free Testing!

    Epicurus Unvorsum Store Test Purchases

    The new Epicurus Unvorsum Store Test Purchases are now active within the Alpha build. During the Alpha phase, if you would like to make some free test purchases, please sign up to the email newsletter with your google play store’s gmail account.

  • Fun

    Our games are for your entertainment. We make games that we enjoy playing, so you have fun playing them, too!
  • Creative

    Our games focus on all aspects of game art: mechanics, graphics, sound, story. Be enchanted with our style.
  • Community

    We love our fans, friends, networks, boys, girls, women and men. Have a chat with us on our social networks!
  • Imaginative

    We create our games to be interesting and thoughtful with unique worlds for you to enjoy.
  • Indigenous

    Video game design is natural for us. It's in our blood to create entertaining interactive games for everyone to enjoy.
  • Impact

    We aim to make a positive impact in the game industry with development, interaction and communication.
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